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About Us

PT Megah Alkesindo was established on February 1st , 2006 to provide equipment and services for healthcare companies and hospitals in Indonesia. The Company is founded by individuals, who have obtained many years of experience, reputation and network in their respective areas to provide medical equipment to hospitals and companies. Megah, which stands for grandiose, is chosen to represent the grandness, strength and nobility of our company. And Alkesindo stands for “Alat Kesehatan Indonesia”, which referring to us as a medical equipment supplier in Indonesia.
To provide best value and high quality products and services, in order to achieve ultimate customer’s satisfaction..
We strive to become the preferred partner in healthcare industries to establish compliant business with strong focus to customers’ satisfaction and efficiency.
Meaning of our logo:

Our Logo is inspired by a surgical suture.

All the people involve in it should unite, as pictured on the larger circle at the beginning of the logo, to become stronger and valuable, where all of us play the equal important role for the benefit of the society.

The logo ascends, which represents the company that keeps on growing that will become great and strong.

We keep on moving forward, and provide the best for our customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, as well as the society and for the glory of God Almighty.


CDAKB Certified
PT. MEGAH ALKESINDO Has been approved to get Certificate of Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices ( CDAKB )

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